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The board informs that for reasons given by the State of Emergency Declaration, Oporto Golf Club has been closed, as well as the access to the course and other facilities.

Thanks for the collaboration and understanding of all the Partners,

The Board

It’s not possible to describe more than 120 years of history on this brief presentation. An uninterrupted history of golf dedication.  
Some of the most prestigious players in the world have played at the Oporto Golf Club. Many players started here their career and later represented the national team.

Founded in 1890 by English living at the Oporto, the Oporto Golf Club is the oldest golf club at the Iberian Peninsula and one of the oldest in continental Europe.

The club was first named Oporto Niblicks, name originated by the niblick club that was used in direct consequence of the course that was almost entirely in sand.

It is estimated that initial number of members was 24.

In 1890 the Oporto Niblicks was founded with a 9 holes golf course entirely in sand.

in 1900 a new golf course was built. Not entirely in sand and the name changed to Oporto Golf Club.

In 1901 the first General assembly took place and the first club house was built.

In 1921 the first Portuguese (Fernando Nicolau de Almeida) member was accepted, having been however maintained the ban on non-English members to attend the general assemblies.

In 1932, it was repealed the prohibition of ladies who wanted to be members.  

In 1934 the new 18 holes golf course was inaugurated. It was the first 18 holes course in Portugal.

In 1980 Oporto Golf Club was officially designated "institution of public utility” by the Prime Minister Mr. Francisco Sá Carneiro.

In 1990 the Republic Portuguese President graced Oporto Golf Club the title of "Member of the Honorary Order of Merit”

The oldest cups in Oporto Golf Club:
Skeffington Cup - 1891
Dockery Cup - 1914
Kendall Cup - 1927
Rabbit Box Cup - 1932
Tait Cup - 1932
Portuguese Cup - 1935

The oldest cup played worldwide without interruptions, is played at Oporto Golf Club and it was named after our first President Mr. Charles Neville Skeffington. Skeffington Cup is open to all players.

Oporto Golf Club Presidents:

Charles N. Skeffington –» 1890 / 1900
Cabel Roope –» 1901 /1912
Arthur E. Goone –» 1912 / 1915
Frank P. S. Yeatman –» 1916 / 1947
R.M. Cobb –» 1949 / 1956
C .H .Pheysey -» 1957 / 1959
John Delaforce –» 1960 / 1964
Sebastião Soares –» 1965 / 1966
Fernando Nicolau de Almeida –» 1967 / 1975
Pedro Ruela Torres -» 1976
Justino M. Gonçalves -» 1977
Jorge Soares Cardoso –» 1978 / 1979
José Luís Costa Bastos –» 1980 / 1981
Ricardo Soares –» 1982 / 1985
Nuno Carneiro -» 1986 / 1990
Jorge Soares -» 1991 / 1992
Luis Avides Moreira –» 1993 / 1994
José Carlos Agrellos –» 1995 / 1998
Francisco Javier Olazabal –» 1999 / 2004
Manuel Soares Violas -» 2005

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