Hole Greens

The Oporto Golf Club will carry out the drilling of the greens on the day July 24.

"The operation of aeration or aeration, is performed with machinery equipped with
vazadores, they derive "cigars", i.e. cylinders composed of soil and subject
not organic decomposed, which we call ' Thatch '. This organic matter is
made up of decaying dead parts resulting from the growth and
physical interventions on the pitch, that are piling up daily to the surface, and in
top soil zone, and to create favourable conditions for the occurrence of diseases;
installation of pests; weeds; disabled and insufficient water and drives
gas exchange.

After aeration, the operation of «topdressing», consisting of the
spreading of sand that fills the holes. This process damages
roots and is very abrasive to the plant immediately, and it is important that she
find in the best conditions, minimizing the consequences and allowing a
speedy recovery, about 2 weeks, preparing the lawn for the harsh
trials that come with the extreme heat of summer or the cold and excess
water and moisture of winter.

The aeration, is the physical intervention of the most important and effective routine carried out in
Greens, allowing to ensure your good condition and gameplay over the years. "

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