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  1. These tournament is reserved to Effective, Initiated, Junior, Infants and Spouses members of Oporto Golf Club and other exceptionally invited members of the Board;

  2. The Ellen Kendall Cup is played in strokeplay, single ladies, in 18 holes, with a maximum handicap of 24. Players with higher handicap will play with handicap 24 EGA.

  3. The winner will be declared the winner who presents the best result "Net" on the scorecard duly filled;

  4. In case of a tie in the "Net" classification, holes, last 6 holes, last 3 holes and last hole; if the tie persists, will be declared the winner of the lowest handicap player among the players tied; if still the tie is maintained the winner will be drawn;

  5. In case of a tie in the qualifying of the 8th classified "Gross", the players thus tied will immediately play a "Sudden-Death Play-Off" in the course designated by the Technical Committee, to decide which ones calculated for the Club Championship. All remaining draws in the "Gross" qualification will be decided as in the "Net" classification.

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